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Thanksgiving T-Shirts

Thanksgiving is a day for family, it is a family to show appreciation to the ones that chose to be in our lives it is a day that celebrates what we have received throughout the year. Our busy lives sometimes separate us from what we truly value in life, and this time of year is a chance to celebrate what we sacrifice for – family, friends and out values.

Fun and cute Thanksgiving Shirts for the family

Thanksgiving Day is time of the year which starts off the holiday season, a time where families and friends come together as to enforce and strengthen their bond, after all family is what keeps us sane. So if you want to show a bit more appreciation for your family members, novelty T-shirts, printed gift bags and other printed textiles are a very fun and imaginative way of doing it.

In our store you can find a wide selection of family items that can help enforce the family bond that we all rely on. Maybe a T-shirt for granddad that says “old chief” or a sweater for grandma that says “queen of the party” would bring something extra to your already special day.

What you can choose

Family gatherings during this time of year are a great way to reconnect with people in your life that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, so giving them a special gift might bring about a lighter mood, help break the ice of eyes rarely seen. With Sugar-Army.com you can find exactly what you are looking for and even customize your order to make a matching set of sweaters or other novelty items for your friends and family.

We truly have a wide selection of clothing and customizable items, like matching bath robes, or specially printed bags for mother and sister, there are even custom tank tops that would be suitable for the hotter states that do not get that customary snowfall during the winter period. If you are looking to personalize your order, we at Sugar-Army.com can facilitate that – you give us the design or idea for the writing and we will get back to you.

What helps is if you have a reference so we can ensure your order is completed to your specifications. In any case, our team of specialists will be working with you so you can get your Thanksgiving shopping done on time.

How we price our Thanksgiving items

The pricing is pretty straightforward – what you see is what you get, but if you want to customize your order, you can feel free to contact our team so we can give you an estimate. After your custom order is finalized, you will be able to see exactly how much it will cost.

All of the materials and prints are of high quality, with the print quality staying pristine even after washing and drying them. For a good price, you are getting high quality textile and prints that fit the spirit of the holiday. Everyone puts their own touch to Thanksgiving, why not do it with some holiday inspired clothes?

There are multiple options in regards to ordering sets or individual products. Regardless if you have a large or a small family, you can get everyone something special without having to worry about leaving someone out

Maybe you have a set from last year and you’d like to use it for a family vacation or a photo shoot, but someone misplaced their personal Thanksgiving T-shirts? You can order a single item from that particular set without having to buy it again.

Yes, we do provide additional t-shirts for each family member – aunts, uncles, cousins, nannies, grandparents and friends – everyone has their special place in your life and deserves to get an individual t-shirt. If you are having issues with choosing or picking out a certain design, feel free to contact us 24/7 and we’ll be sure to assist you any way we can.

We provide free consultation and can even assist you with customizing your order.

We dispatch all of our orders within 72 hours of payment confirmation. Express shipping is capable of bi-passing some restrictions on national mail services, significantly cutting down on delivery time. As we do ship out worldwide, it’s difficult to give a specific time period for everyone, but rather it differs from region to region.

North American Countries like the US and Canada have different border policies so there might a difference in delivery in Canada – unless Express shipping is used you might have to wait up until 45 days due to Canada Post policies.

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