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King and Queen / Prince and Princess T-Shirts

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The family is a unique social unit, it is something to be celebrated and to be cherished and such is our inspiration at Sugar Army for creating this category. All of our ideas come from personal love and we wanted to find a way to express it, it turned out that a lot of people around the world felt the same way.

In celebration of the family unit - King and Queen or Prince and Princess 

Regardless if you are going on a vacation or sharing a family celebration, or even for the fun of it, our kind and queen, prince and princess t-shirts are a great way of showing one another some affection. These prints come in all different sizes, each suited for a different age so you can explore this special relationship even with children that have already grown up.

No matter if they have children of their own, they will always be your babies – so indulge yourself, grab a pair or two and celebrate your family in a fun and aesthetic way. All of our prints are quality controlled and checked to ensure a lasting effect, so even if you machine dry them the prints will not fade or start to flake like lesser brands.

The core of family values

We also understand the value of having fun with one another, this is why we allow for some customization on our orders, where you can select an item and customize it to give it that personal touch. Every person is unique and has a different story and even though families come from the same root, every individual story needs to be cherished.

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday present or you want to send out the best family photos, our selection will always be here for you. All items have been priced accordingly to their quality, and even though we use the best materials, we also aim to provide a good quality-price ration for all products.

In the moments when we tend to take our closest ones for granted, we need to remind ourselves that it is family that keeps us going, its family that gives us purpose and drive to succeed. Our King and Queen and Prince and Princess t-shirts provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your bond with each member, giving them the proper respect and acknowledging their place in your life.

Best value for your buck

And when it comes to value, our items come at a great quality, each one made from natural materials that allow the body to breathe, while providing a soft, gentle touch to the skin. The printing material is sealed with a special solution to guarantee its vibrancy will last you a long time, so each item you buy from our store will be with you for a long time.

Create cherished memories with your young children, be the best Christmas photo of your group, inspire others to be as close with you, all within the press of a few buttons. We at Sugar Army don’t sell clothing, we sell sentimentality

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