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Kids are our future, but it’s a lot easier to take photos of them when they can’t refuse and hide in their room, which is why we created our Kids collection of t-shirts and bodysuits suited for grown-ups and toddlers, each design giving You, the parent, a wide variety of choices for a personal gift or a fun and cute idea for a photo.

Celebrate childhood and family love

A family becomes complete when the children are born, and this is where it all starts making sense, all of sacrifices all of the struggles, all for a simple smile and a “I Love you” from your babies. So dare to celebrate their uniqueness and get them a fun design which shows everyone how special your baby really is.

Even if your children are all grown up, you can still find something great for even the fussiest teenager, get them dressed and spend some quality family time together – there is no time to waste. This is one of our biggest categories with shirts for boys, so dare to explore the fun world that Sugar Army create and find some great value clothes for your babies.

Even if they are all grown up and have children of their own they are still your babies – so get something to celebrate your lives together and the family bond you share will become even stronger.

Good value kids clothes

Our items are suited for all ages, from 0 to 10+, and it’s a good thing that each piece of clothing here is made from a soft fabric that will feel great against your baby’s skin, with no chafing or discomfort for them. There are some really funny designs for girl's shirts in here, so we hope you indulge your inner parent and get your children some cute designs even the Grinch will not resist liking.

Each material has been chosen to be suitable for young and growing children, with a great value you will not have to play catch up with their maturing – get a bundle and enjoy some nice savings. We understand that parenting can be difficult sometimes, it is full of hard decisions and sacrifices, but it’s the special moments reminding you of why it matters in the first place.

Create special memories

So we invite you to create some special memories with your children, cherish their youth and their smiles, get some great photos and immortalize what makes them special. Give them something great to remember – that fun road trip where we all dressed up with team clothes.

And we know, babies are extremely cute, and with the choice we have set out for you, they will be even cuter – just take a look and you will see for yourself. All materials are made to suit the soft and gentle baby skin as to avoid discomfort and unpleasant marks – they all come with a great value as they are high quality products for a really good price

Share your love for your family with Sugar Army’s special Kids selection and celebrate your children and their love with a simple gesture of novelty clothing.

Yes, we do provide t-shirts for both boys and girls. They can bought as a package or separately – in the case of sibling, you can get a siblings t-shirts which are a great fit for both young and more mature children and siblings.

Celebrate that special bond with a suitably special set of personalized t-shirts fitted specifically for you and your family members.

Quite a lot, though it depends on the design. We have kid’s t-shirts which can have individual names, and ones with unique numbers with varying colors, seizes and designs. If you have a specific idea in mind that you’d like to make real, feel free to contact us at any point so we can assist you with the design and scheme choice.

There are some designs which are set, and then there are those where you can choose specific information.

We aim to provide the best service possible. The delivery time depends on the delivery choice you’ve gone for – while we do provide express shipping, we cannot guarantee what happens after the items have been handed over to the delivery company.

We do have a partnership with DHL which provides us with express worldwide shipping, however, there are outside circumstances which can affect the final deadline of package arrival. If there are any issues, be sure to contact us so we can check where the hold up is.

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