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Mother and Daughter T-Shirts

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We draw on a lot of inspiration for this category for mom daughter t-shirts from our own lives, our team is full of young and experienced parents and we are aware of the special bond between a mother and her children. This is why we have poured our collective experience into create some of the most adorable and precious personal t-shirt designs on the market.

Great ideas for Mother and Daughter T-Shirts

There are a lot of young folks out there that are finding out what it means to be a parent, all of the sacrifices that come with parenthood. But they are also finding themselves in a brand new world of pure love, this is exactly what we try to capture when we create our finest selections of matching mom and daughter t-shirts.

There are many ways in which a parent can show their love to their children and creating fond memories which will stay with them is one of them. We are aware that there are different tastes out there which is why our catalog of t-shirts has so many choices.

Customizing your Sugar-Army.com order

Mom Daughter T-shirts are a great way for you to spice up your family photos or give a new voice to the already strong bond that your family has. Custom matching family T-shirts with special messages on them are a fun and new way of enforcing the natural bond that a mother and daughter have.

The mother is the Queen, and the daughter is the Princess – she learns from her, gains experience through her, the mother is the figure that guides the young child into adulthood, giving sound advice and guidance. These types of shirts are also a way for you to make your playtime a bit more interesting – playing magical fairies in an enchanted forest, or princess and a queen ruling over their teddy bear subjects.

While we do have a wide selection of items fitting many teams and tastes, there is always room for a bit more personalization. So if you are a bit more artistically inclined and would like to include a special message or give a new meaning to the clothes your children are wearing, we can help you with that.

Sugar-Army.com empowers creativity

We are in the business of creating special, memorable clothes, so we do understand the urge some of us have to create. If you want to personalize your order we can accommodate your needs – each client gets a special treatment and a personal approach.

Each idea is carefully crafted into an item that will help you create some great memories – find your inspiration, give us a reference and we will work on achieving your dreams.

Quality Mom Daughter matching T-shirts at a good price

We at Sugar-Army.com pride ourselves not only on the ideas we have but also on the quality of the clothes we provide. All of the items in the store have been meticulously quality checked, all of the materials and printing processes have been optimized to achieve the ultimate product – if you are looking to get something unique for yourself and your family we are the place for you.


As we do provide worldwide shipping, we do support Spanish and German as well. You can find your options in this catalogue and pick the right design for yourself.

While we do mostly provide custom Mother and Daughter T-Shirts for the North American continent, we also enjoy a presence elsewhere in the world. We are looking to expand our collection of language specific T-Shirts and will be doing so in the near future.

We support girl-wear from 3 months to pre-school ages and even have teenage-sized t-shirts with a slim fit. The fact that your daughter is grown up doesn’t mean you can share that same bond you did in the beginning – this is why we are looking to expand our collection of Mother-Daughter T-shirts and print designs to match the growing demand.

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Yes, you can! While these are meant to be paired up for two or more people, if in case you’d like an extra pair or to replace a missing one, you can order one just like any regular order. There are no restrictions on the orders so if you feel like you’d like an extra pair to complete a set with your baby’s bodysuit, then feel free to submit an individual order and we’d be happy to send it to you.

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