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Family outfits

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It depends on the outfits which you’ve chosen. All items here are customizable to some extent, but some more so than others. This is due to the specific nature of certain designs which are set in place and are quite complex – in these cases you can chose different colors, they could be matching or separate for different family members.

There are additional custom options for certain outfit designs, which you’ll be able to see in the order menu while on the specific item page.

Yes, we do. Since some family outfit options are holiday themed, we do support express shipping US and world-wide. You will be able to track your order once it’s been shipped from our office and see exactly when it will arrive.

We have a partnership with DHL which provides us with the option to ship out to you any last minute holiday themed gifts. You may experience some delays, especially if it’s a peak season so we recommend you do holiday shopping early.

All outfit textiles used in the manufacturing of all items are a natural and synthetic fiber blend which provides softness, comfort, breathability and longevity. All prints are sealed with a heat treatment to ensure that each design is bound to the fibers, so even if you put them in a dryer you they will last quite a long time.

All materials used in the making of your family’s outfits are child, skin and allergy safe – materials are ethical sourced and produced.

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