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We know that you want your item as soon as possible - and we completely understand you ✌

After you make a purchase, we dispatch your package from our studio within 72 hours :)

Delivery time depends on the shipping destination but you can refer to the following time estimates (which are solely based on our experience).

Note, that we are shipping from Europe :)

  • Europe - 4-10 days
  • United States - 7-16 days
  • Canada - 20 - 45 days *
  • Australia - 12-20 days
  • Africa and South America - 12-20 days
  • Asia - 12-20 days

*CANADA - we have been informed about significant delay in processing international packages on behalf of Canada Post. That's why our current delivery estimates to Canada is up to 45 days. These estimates only reffer to Standard Shipping and do not effect the Express Shipping.

If you have any concerns about meeting certain deadline - do not hesitate to contact us at office@sugar-army.com - we'll be honest and we'll help you eliminate all hesitations ✌


Standard shipping cost - 4.50 ($5 usd)

Express shipping cost - €13.50 ($14.99 usd)

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