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We know that you want your item as soon as possible - and we completely understand you ✌

After you make a purchase, we dispatch your package from our studio within 72 hours :)

Delivery time depends on the shipping destination but you can refer to the following time estimates (which are solely based on our experience).

Note, that we are shipping from Europe :)

  • Europe - 4-10 days
  • North America and Canada - 7-16 days
  • Australia - 12-20 days
  • Africa and South America - 12-20 days
  • Asia - 12-20 days

If you have any concerns about meeting certain deadline - do not hesitate to contact us at office@sugar-army.com - we'll be honest and we'll help you eliminate all hesitations ✌


Standard shipping cost - 4.50 ($5 usd)

Express shipping cost - €13.50 ($14.99 usd)