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Mom and Son Т-Shirts

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There is a tale of mothers lifting cars to rescue their children, so it of no surprise when we had a lot of inspiration for this Mom Son T-shirt catalogue. Indeed, a mother will sacrifice anything to protect her children, and the bond between a mom and a son is especially strong.

Accommodating your ideas with Mother and Son matching T-shirts

We aim to facilitate the need of expressing that special relationship and that is why our mom son t-shirt collection is so emphasized. Whether you were just blessed with a baby boy and you want to take some cure photos of him wearing a novelty shirt saying “Prince”, or you are making some memories with your older children, our selection of goods is a very good place to start.

Looking after and raising children is no easy task, but the joys of parenthood are an unmatched source of happiness. If you are looking to make some special memories with your son, we can help you – you can pick and choose from our selection of novelty t-shirts and get the one that matches your idea.

Customizing your mom son t-shirts

When it comes to children, they are all created pure and unique, if you want to celebrate their lives you might want to customize your order in a way that truly fits your ideas. While our catalogue is extensive there some things which are too personal to guess, so we give you the freedom to create something that is as personal as your relationship.

Celebrate your bond with a carefully crafted message, or a football jersey with your son’s name on it, that’s a great birthday or Christmas gift. We at Sugar-Army.com empower your creative side and give you the freedom to bring your ideas into reality. If you would like a professional’s help, our team will be on hand to give you encouragement.

Each order is personal to us, so we will be with you throughout the entire experience, if you’d like we can help you with the design or the font of the message and can even give you recommendations on colors.

The secret of Sugar-Army.com

The secret of our success is that we started making things that we liked, and then it turned out that a lot of people liked it. We draw our inspiration from personal experience, our team is full of parents, so we know how special and close one feels to their children.

That is why we give all of our clients the opportunity to express deepest love thought a novelty mom and son ot mother daughter t-shirt that say “I Love You” in more than one way. The truth of the matter is that we sell sentimentality in the shape of clothes with messages.

While we do have a wider selection, the message that we want to spread is that of love and care for those around us. So if you’d like to create some memorable moments with your son, take a look at our wide selection of t-shirts and get the one that best describes your feelings.

Yes there are. In the sizes section you can choose from different age variations, all the way to sizes for 9 year olds. After that, the recommended size for a teen-aged child is that of a slim or straight fitting adult-sized t-shirt – there are many options suitable for any sized teen, child or toddler.

If you have any sizing queries, be sure to contact us so we can assist you in finding the best choice possible – all options are equally designed and durable.

Yes they are! All merchandise in our store is optimized for the best fit even after a drying cycle. The mom and son t-shirts are made out of a special cotton-synthetic blend to achieve the best durability, comfort, fit and softness.

The prints are sealed with a specialized heavy-duty heating treatment and have an additional seal on top of them, this means that they don’t shrink or crack even after years of use.

Yes there are. We at Sugar-Army.com provide a wide variety of options suitable for fitting any individual. Maybe you’re a Momma, who likes loose fitting clothing, or you’re a long gentleman who prefers a more contoured fit – we have you covered whatever your preference is.

If you have sizing questions and would like to know more, please be sure to contact us either through our contact form or with a quick message, even a phone call – we’d love to help.

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